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Why do we need a regional strategy?

15 Jul 2019

A regional-level strategy allows us to work together on common challenges and opportunities, rather than approach them in isolation.

Traditional Owners, artists, federal government, state government, local government, tourism groups, not-for-profits, peak bodies, and businesses are just a few of the many and varied groups working in the creative industries across the region.

Building on what is already being achieved, as well as strengthening some of the long-term partnership already in place, is a way to build a roadmap for supporting practitioners, organisations and supporters in the south west of Victoria.

It also presents an opportunity for people living and working in the area to take a leading role in shaping outcomes for the creative industries that impact locally.

In many years working in the south west of Victoria, Regional Arts Victoria has never found the region to be short of ideas. What a strategic approach like this allows us to do is determine how we can join forces to turn these ideas into action.

Image: Ngeerrang (mother) and Ngart (Daughter) Mural at South Warrnambool Kinder by Local Kirrae Whurrong artists, Fiona Clarke and Patricia McKean. Image by Brenda O'Connor. Supported by the Regional Arts Fund.