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Creative Ecology Survey Results

21 Dec 2019

The creative ecologies survey was one of the data gathering methods used in the project to map the Great South Coast’s creative ecology. The purpose of the survey was to:

  • Collect hard data about the region’s creative and cultural actors, their activities and behaviours
  • Capture community aspirations for themselves, their locale and the region
  • Gain insight into how the creative ecology functions, and
  • Provide a community engagement vehicle for the project stakeholders

The data collected will feed into the preparation of the final Creative Ecology report, which will map the region’s actors and activities and provide a health check against the Creative Ecology Domains.

Target respondents were divided into four categories:

  • Individual creatives (professional and amateur)
  • Creative professionals (working within creative and non-organisations)
  • Arts workers (from arts organisations and businesses that support creative activities)
  • Consumers of creative output (the wider community and advocates)

The survey was housed on the dedicated website for the Creative Industries Strategy. It was open between 8 July and 13 September 2019. It was promoted by the Project Control Group stakeholders through their networks, with supporting digital and print advertising undertaken by Regional Arts Victoria.

This report provides an overview of the responses and highlights key notable findings.

Download it here (PDF 269 Kb).